– Panasonic KX-TDA6181 16-Port Card is inserted in the free slot of the TDA600 system and is capable of connecting 16 analog loop start lines. Up to 2 Caller ID/Paytone Card can be added on as option cards.

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Product Description

Extension InterfaceNumber of Ports - 16 ports
Extension InterfaceSLT Interface:
+30V 30mA Feeding function,
Dial-pulse signal detecting function,
Dial-pulse signal detecting function,
Bell signal issuing function,
Hook detecting function,
Ringtrip detecting function,
2W/4W converting function,
Surge protective function,
4ch CODEC function,
- CODEC function,
- Power down function,
- µ/A Iaw switching function,
- Test function (Loop back, Tone generation),
- Programmable digital filtering function,
- Serial interface function,
- PIO function
DTMF Receiver16 lines for each port
On-board Ringer20/25Hz 75Vrms,
Phase control (Three-phase / Four-phase)
On-board DC/DC Power SupplyInput +15V,
Output +5V, +3.3V,
Input +40V,
Output for Bell ringing relay: +160V, -100V
Power Failure Forwarding Function4 lines supported
Self-Diagnostic FunctionCarried out with outside-line interface in a pair (only one port),
Speech path test, Dial pulse test, DTMF test
ASICEC bus interface function,
H.100 bus interface function, Digital PLL function,
Local bus interface function,
Time switch function, Gain controlling function, FIFO/DPRAM function,
Designated telephone control interface function (HDLC included),
Intelligent PIO function
Control UnitCPU, SH-1/SH7020 (12.288MHz),
Flash ROM, 512Kbyte,
SRAM, 128Kbyte
LED Display CircuitCard status indicating LED: Two colors (Red/Green)
External Interface ConnectorExtension interface, 50pin Amphenol connector: 1,
Power failure forwarding, 4pin modular jack: 2.